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Cabin Usage Procedures


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  • If there are non-urgent issues with the cabin please email For emergent issues call 304-580-6972.
  • The breakers for the water pump and hot water tank are turned off.  They will need turned on when you arrive and off when you leave. The breaker box is downstairs in the utility room. 
  • No smoking inside the cabin. 
  • Bring all required linens and toiletry items required for your stay. There is one queen and one king size bed. 
  • Conserve water, it  is trucked in and cost Vetlands every time its delivered.  
  • If you use the Chimney ensure the flue is open before you start the fire and closed before you leave. Keep the screen in front of the fire at all times. 
  • Do not fire personal weapons. 
  • There is no trash service; take all trash with you when you leave.
  • Take all food items that may attract bugs, mice, bears or other animals. 
  • Vetlands is 100% nonprofit. We do not have a cleaning crew to clean up after visitors. Clean the cabin before you leave. 
  • Try to leave the cabin better than you found it.
  • If you use the fire pit clean up around it. Leave no trash. 
  • Failure to adhere to these rules or intentional damage will result in termination of your membership and possible legal action for compensation.
  • Join the Facebook page, post pictures of your stay and enjoy yourself. 
  • Donations can be sent to Vetlands INC, 1154 Little Stillwell Road, Davisville, WV, 26142. 
Please sign in under “My Profile” before reserving cabin.
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